Drunk Ukrainian captain of merchant vessel detained in Polish harbor

The captain attempted to enter the Polish port using the incorrect directional lane

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Kołobrzeg harbor (Source: Wikipedia).

A Ukrainian ship captain has been apprehended by Polish authorities after steering his Luxembourg-flagged vessel on an “improper course” into Kołobrzeg port while under the influence of alcohol.

The incident occurred on Nov. 13, as the ship arrived from Gdynia. The Vessel Traffic Service and the Kołobrzeg Port Harbour Master alerted the Border Guard to the merchant vessel’s improper navigation path.

Assisted by the first and second officers, the 54-year-old captain managed to navigate the ship safely into the harbor despite having nearly two per mille of alcohol in his system.

Upon docking at the Kołobrzeg port, Border Guard officers boarded the ship and discovered the inebriated captain during their inspection. Due to the justified suspicion of committing a crime, the guards detained the suspect and placed him in a sobering-up facility at the Border Guard station in the city.

The Ukrainian captain has since been handed over to the police, who will conduct further proceedings in the case.

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