How the EU uses the Ukraine crisis to blackmail Poland

Supporters of the ruling conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) are finding it increasingly difficult to understand why Poland is willing to back down to Brussels, writes Polish commentator Jerzy Karwelis

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Jerzy Karwelis

There are plenty of Poland’s conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) voters who have doubts about their party but do not want the pro-German Donald Tusk and his liberals to win. These voters fear a Poland being erased and merged into a European superstate. They also can see how in countries like Canada the cultural-Marxist project is nearing completion. This is why they simply cannot understand why PiS seems to be willing to back down to Brussels all of a sudden. 

Confusion abounds. On the one hand, we had hard-line rhetoric about not giving in to blackmail and then suddenly we saw capitulation. Did PiS given in because it needs the EU recovery fund, worth billions of euros, to fund social transfers? If so, it would seem that we have spent all our money on Covid shields, lockdowns and Ukraine — especially the helicopter money for the pandemic was expensive, far more so than the military aid, humanitarian aid and spending on refugees. We spent billions on protecting from a disease with a mortality rate of 0.15 percent! 

If it’s all about electoral bribes, then it is money which we will be paying back to the EU for years. And we are aiding and abetting the federalization of Europe by agreeing to EU borrowing on behalf of its members and making members repay. 

Moreover, if PiS believes that it will actually get this money, it is naive in the extreme. The aim of the EU is to bring down this government. This is why it will crank up the demands that Poland must fulfill to obtain the money, and Poland will have to jump through evermore hoops to get it. That is what the notorious “milestones” were all about, and now the EU is also using Ukraine too, which we will explore more below.

PiS does not seem to understand what the EU recovery fund is about. It’s not about economies recovering post-COVID but the creation of a new order, one which sees power forever centralized in Brussels and among the left-liberal. The money is not for social spending, but for the green agenda, gender ideology, and other progressive goals.

At the same time, Brussels is showing it is also willing to use Ukraine. Poland still has a veto, which the EU cannot interpret away. It is a veto which it has never used, unlike some other EU states, but due to the European Commission’s decision to cut funding to Poland, there was a chance it might. 

In order to avoid that, the EU is now tying aid for Ukraine with other agenda points. This is what happened when Brussels tied €18 billion for Kyiv with a vote on the corporate tax. In this manner, it held a gun to PiS’ head. If it used its veto power, it will be morally culpable for blocking aid for Ukraine.

This move worked like a charm, and Poland duly capitulated. 

Now, we have the German proposal to do away with the veto altogether — a proposal which effectively removes member states’ rights and gives Germany the power and control it craves. Germany has made it clear that it will not admit Ukraine as a member unless and until the member states’ veto disappears.

Once again, Ukraine will be used to blackmail Poland into backing down.

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