Hundreds of Polish and Ukrainian activists block truck deliveries to Belarus

The protesters are intent on causing maximum disruption to show their solidarity with Ukraine and prevent supplies from being transported to Russia via Belarus

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Source: Twitter@EuromaidanPress

Hundreds of Poles and Ukrainians living in Poland conducted blockades over the weekend, preventing the transportation of supplies from traveling into Belarus and consequently Russia.

Protesters gathered in the town of Kukuryki in the Lublin region of Poland, intent on stopping trucks from crossing the border and delivering goods which could be used by Russian authorities to support their military aims.

Activists held banners which read “No trade in blood” and “Stop trading with the aggressors” as they waved Ukrainian flags. The Euromaidan Press reported on Sunday that up to 950 trucks were tailing back 45 kilometers from the protest.

Authorities have set up a kilometer-long buffer zone between the protesters and the truck drivers to prevent any direct confrontation.

Just 12 trucks transporting live animals were permitted to pass through the protestor’s blockade over the weekend with protesters intent on causing maximum disruption to show their opposition to those propping up the Russian economy.

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