Kaczyński: ‘Biden has interesting ideas on Polish role in security architecture’

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
3 Min Read

The leader of the conservatives ruling in Poland, Jarosław Kaczyński, told Polish TVP public TV and radio that U.S. President Joe Biden “revealed some interesting ideas about the role of Poland in the new security architecture” during his trip to Warsaw,

Kaczyński refused to be drawn into providing details but remarked that the ideas seemed “highly coherent” and “offered a promising perspective for the new security architecture in this part of the world with a major role played by Poland.”

The head of the Law and Justice (PiS) added that Poland must rearm if it wants to play a significant role and strengthen its security position in the long run.

Commenting on Poland’s arms contracts offensive, Kaczyński said that “we are now buying large amounts of highly lethal weapons” compared to the policies of saving on defense and reducing the army that were pursued by the previous liberal administration. 

The ruling party’s leader said that Poland wanted to deter any attack on its territory and to be ready to effectively defend itself, should such an attack materialize. He also said that military strength was a major factor in determining the position of any state.  

Kaczyński went on to state that Poland’s diplomatic initiatives were primarily aimed at supporting Ukraine but also strengthening Poland’s position. He said his assessment of the way Europe has reacted to the war is “mixed.”

He singled out Germany for not wanting to give up on working with Russia. Kaczyński pointed out that this cooperation not only was beneficial to the German economy, but also secured resources for Russian rearmament. 

The leader of PiS said he believes that some in the West want to return to the way things were with Russia and that by making demands of Ukraine they were in fact putting Russia in a favorable position. He felt that it was unlikely for Russia to leave Ukraine unless forced to by military means.

Kaczyński said that Poland will continue to put pressure on its partners to do more to assist Ukraine. He felt that Poland’s position is better than before to exercise influence on the international stage and that “this leverage must be used.”

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