New Polish website allows users to report anti-Church hate

Lawyers from the conservative Ordo Iuris organization want to put an end to demeaning jokes and criticism of Pope John Paul II online

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk

“We stand behind Great Poles,” is the slogan under which Ordo Iuris, a legal body of lawyers with conservative views, wants to conduct a new online campaign to stop hate directed at prominent Catholics. The organization’s right-wing activists say they have had enough of accusations and lies which have been directed at Catholic greats from Poland such as Saint John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

“Report a case of defamation of saint John Paul II or Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński,” the new website encourages. Through specific mechanisms connected to the portal, it is very simple to report the cases in question.

A statement on the website emphasizes that the anti-Catholic movement continues to accelerate in Poland.

“The main goal of the Church’s opponents are the figures of John Paul II and Stefan Wyszyński. We cannot stand by and watch when our values are being assaulted. We must act,” the statement reads.

A special form is attached on the website through which one can report cases of defamation in public areas, online or even in media.

It will also allow to report acts of vandalism carried out in places of remembrance of those persons. The site also includes a space for evidence attachments.

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