Poland is a provider and not just a recipient of security, says Polish PM

Source: FB/MorawieckiM
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Camp Kościuszko in the west of Poland on Wednesday, where the V Corps of U.S. ground forces is stationed. According to him, the current war in Ukraine has led to major changes in the security architecture for Poland and Europe. This is because Russian aggression has created a different situation on the eastern flank of NATO where threats had to be countered. 

The Polish prime minister thanked the U.S. for its cooperation and determination in providing security, citing the provision of Abrams tanks as an example.

Morawiecki once again underlined that the objective of his administration is to increase the capacity and potential of the Polish military in order to raise Poland’s profile in the region and in Europe as a whole. As a result, he stated that Poland is now “not just a recipient but also a provider of security.”

“We are building one of the strongest ground forces in Europe, and we are ready to spend 4 percent of our GDP on defense,” he said, adding that Poland was proud that together with America it was guaranteeing security in this part of Europe.

Poland has already confirmed that the leading theme of its presidency of the EU in 2025 will be transatlantic relations. The present conservative government is skeptical of European “strategic autonomy,” which has been presented as an alternative to reliance on the U.S. by French President Emmanuel Macron. Poland believes that a security alliance between the EU and the U.S. is needed to guarantee not only military but also energy and economic security for Europe. 

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