Poland receives first batch of HIMARS launchers

Source: Twitter@Polish MoD.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The first five M142 HIMARS rocket launcher systems arrived in Poland on Monday, with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak revealing they will be equipped for the 16th Mechanized Division responsible for guarding the strategically important Suwałki Gap.

This delivery is part of an agreement signed in 2019 for the purchase of 18 missile systems. In February 2023, the U.S. cleared a foreign military sale to Poland for the HIMARS launchers, an additional 468 Launcher Loader Module kits mounted on Polish Jelcz trucks, and more than 9,000 guided rockets and missiles with Lockheed Martin listed as the key contractor.

Błaszczak cited the effectiveness of this equipment in Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion. He added that negotiations are currently underway regarding the purchase of another batch of HIMARS launchers.

Poland aims to secure production rights for the system, including launchers and missiles, as a key element of the negotiations, emphasized Błaszczak. “The goal of the Polish government is to field the strongest ground army in Europe, which Russia would not dare to attack,” he added.

Another important topic of talks with the U.S. is the creation of an academy in Poland where artillerymen, both Polish and from other NATO countries, will be trained to operate HIMARS.

“We will soon establish a HIMARS academy in Toruń, where HIMARS logistics and servicing will be handled, but also where artillerymen will be trained,” announced Błaszczak.

“Our aim is to strengthen the Polish army as much as possible. We are observing what is happening in Ukraine, and we know that artillery plays a crucial role in repelling the Russian invasion,” the defense minister added.

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