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Silver Arrow 21: Military exercises in Latvia observed by defense ministers of Baltic states and Poland

The Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian ministers of defense observed the Silver Arrow 21 military exercises in Latvia together, with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak also visiting the Polish military contingent at the base in Adazi. Błaszczak declared that Poland and the Baltic states are dealing with aggressive Russian policy and pointed to the Russian attacks […]
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US troops in Poland could jump to 20,000 under new defense agreement

The agreement’s main focus is on increasing American military presence in Poland, which could reach 20,000 soldiers if necessary

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“A step forward” on Fort Trump

The US Congress and the Pentagon are considering an increase in US military presence in Poland. In a joint letter in “Rzeczpospolita”, ambassadors Georgette Mosbacher and Piotr Wilczek stressed that the Polish-American friendship has “worked out”.

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