Russian spy network targeting critical infrastructure broken up in Poland

Source: Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW).
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has praised the work of Poland’s security agency (ABW) for having identified and broken up a spy network in the south of the country.

Polish commercial radio RMF FM reported on Wednesday that ABW had broken up a group of six individuals in the southeast of Poland who were preparing diversionary activities connected with Poland’s railway network. All those who have been detained are foreign nationals working for Russia’s intelligence services.

The activities were to target the transport of weapons into Ukraine. The spies are alleged to have planted surveillance cameras along rail tracks to collect data near Rzeszow’s airport. 

In an interview with Polish public radio on Thursday, Błaszczak said the group was a real threat to national security as they were collecting information sensitive to Poland’s critical infrastructure. “It was a spy network, and it is a success to have identified it and dealt with it,” said Błaszczak. 

The defense minister would not elaborate on whether this particular matter had been the subject of yesterday’s meetings in Warsaw with the head of the CIA, William Burns. The CIA chief had met with President Duda and other Polish officials on Wednesday. Błaszczak did say that all activities were being coordinated with NATO allies. 

Błaszczak also appealed to the public to watch out for any suspicious activities such as the photographing of military infrastructure. Vigilance would reduce risk, he argued. 

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