Poland creates ‘wall of fire’ against potential Russian aggression with purchase of 500 HIMARS

A U.S. M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) fires a missile during a jmilitary drill. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland has signed a framework contract that will meet the needs of 27 Polish artillery divisions by equipping them with HIMARS launchers, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced on Monday. Together with the Korean K239 Chunmoo launchers, they secure for Poland a capacity of 800 modern rocket artillery systems, sending a very strong signal to Russia that Poland is serious about defense.

The minister took to the X platform to send a message that the ruling party will not change course. 

“We have it! Polish Himars together with Chunmoos will create firepower that will scare off all opponents. According to the opposition, 500 launchers are ‘too many’ and an example of megalomania. But we believe these will ensure our safety. The opposition has said that it will review these contracts with a view to canceling them. Only we can guarantee the further strengthening of the Polish Army,” wrote Błaszczak.

According to Professor Piotr Grochmalski, HIMARS launchers (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) provide a platform for the use of the whole spectrum of rocket-based weapons. Backed up by intelligence gathered by drones, it will enable to launch attacks with a high degree of precision. 

The war in Ukraine has shown the importance of rocket artillery. HIMARS has given the Ukrainians the ability to significantly weaken Russia’s logistics and military capabilities. 

Grochmalski said he believes that the purchase of both HIMARS and Chunmoo launchers should enable Poland to be able to stop any aggressor. Boosted air defense systems and F-35 fighter planes will create a system that will deter aggressors from attacking.

“We’re building a wall of fire that is making an impression”, said Grochmalski.

The expert sees Russia as a huge threat to Poland and Europe — a threat that needs to be deterred with real firepower. He concluded by saying that Poland is contributing hugely to NATO’s eastern flank as a result of its rearmament drive. 

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