Poland: Tusk’s new coalition accused of attempting to sell off land to Germans

Wind turbines stand on a field in Budy Mszczonowskie, Poland, Monday, Feb. 21, 2022. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Robert Telus, an MP for the outgoing ruling Conservative Law and Justice (PiS) and former agriculture minister, has said that legislation proposed by the new parliamentary majority is dangerous for rural areas because it makes the purchase of land easier, which could in turn allow Germans to buy up Polish farmland and convert it into wind farms.

He said he believes that the legislative proposal is an example of Donald Tusk’s Civic Coalition (KO) doing the bidding of German lobbyists. 

A legislative proposal introduced into parliament by the new majority extends the energy price freeze and includes provisions significantly loosening restrictions on the building of wind farms in Poland. If the legislation passes, wind turbines will be able to be placed as close as 300 meters from domestic buildings.

According to Telus, this will be helpful to German business interests, adding that this is the way Donald Tusk’s party is thanking German lobbyists for their support during the election. This is because the legislation allows wind turbines to be placed on agricultural land, which would allow German companies to purchase this land to build wind farms.

The former agriculture minister believes that the issue is connected to the payment of €5 billion that Poland is set to receive from the post-pandemic recovery funds for wind power. He thinks that this amount corresponds to the losses of €4.5 billion, which have been sustained by Germany’s Siemens, a major provider of wind turbine technology.

“This is an example of EU policy feeding German interests,” said Telus.

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