Poles nearly lynch migrants accused of sexual harassment at swimming pool

Source: Twitter@ZaPLMundurem
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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On Saturday, a video appeared on social media showing an enraged crowd demanding punishment for four detained Georgian citizens. The migrant men were accused of “engaging in inappropriate behavior” toward minors, and a lynching of the men was narrowly avoided at the scene.

On Saturday afternoon, security guards responsible for safety at the swimming area in Bytom City Park received two reports: one from two boys and another from the mother of a girl using the pool. The girl told her mother that she was being harassed by a man in his 50s. The mother relayed the report to the security guards, and the boys informed the guards that the same man had harassed them while they were playing in the water.

The security guards immediately intervened, removing the man and his three companions from the pool and notifying the police. After the security guards detained the men and the police arrived at the scene, a crowd gathered. The pool security guards had to assist the police in securing the area, and due to the aggressive behavior of some onlookers, the police resorted to using shields and tear gas.

All the detained men, aged between 18 and 55, are Georgian citizens. The police have secured surveillance camera footage, and officers are investigating what happened.

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