Polish education minister slams transgender toilets located in Warsaw school

Polish education minister says he will intervene in the Szafarowicz case (Source: gov.pl)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The opening of a toilet for non-binary and transsexual pupils at a Warsaw high school sparked a heated debate on Polish social media on Monday with government officials also offering their opinion on the matter.

The headmaster of the school told Polish public television news channel TVP Info that the space was created on request of the school’s student council who had claimed that some pupils did not feel comfortable in traditional male and female toilets. The opening of the toilet was agreed following consultations with specialists.  

Asked for his comments the education minister Przemysław Czarnek did not mince his words.

“The madness of postmodernism and neo-Marxism. We will investigate the matter and ask the headmaster what this is for. Can’t students attend to their physiological needs in the existing toilets, do we need totally different toilets?” he asked.

Czarnek went further, calling for a need to follow existing legislation on the matter.

“Poland respects the rule of law and will not allow it to be violated. Polish law states that we have two genders, male and female. Period,” the Polish education minister stated unequivocally.

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