Polish president says country’s security and membership in NATO shouldn’t be challenged by any Polish party

Source: Twitter@prezydentpl
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In his New Year’s message to the nation, Polish president Andrzej Duda appealed to Poland’s political class to exclude issues regarding security from political discourse. He stressed that Poland’s membership in NATO and the EU are the reasons the Polish state exists.

The president referred to the Russian invasion against Ukraine and stressed that the conflict was brutally waged on a scale unprecedented since World War II. He noted that the war is still far from over, adding that more than any other country, Poland is witnessing the human tragedies resulting from the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Duda also listed the energy crisis, price increases, and the economic slowdown as some of the consequences experienced by Poland due to the “barbarous aggression” against Ukraine.

“Despite many challenges and problems, Poles opened their hearts and homes to their neighbors in need. We did not let ourselves become divided by the Russian propaganda and disinformation. This is a phenomenon the whole world is speaking of,” said Duda.

The Polish president continued by saying that Poles can be proud of their stance in 2022.

“We all passed a test of humanity, solidarity, and patriotism,” Duda said.

Military security as well as internal and border security are the most important issues for Poland. “That is where an unprecedented increase in military spending, massive procurements come from,” said Duda.

The president assured that Poland is safe, while the issue of its security is “absolutely the most important issue.”

“Today, everyone admits we were right that the hybrid attack from Belarus was the prelude to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” noted Duda.

He stressed Poland was well-prepared for the hybrid attack and thanked Polish servicemen of the Border Guard, Police, the military, and firefighters for their service.

Duda stated that energy, health, and the economic security of Poles is just as important. “Those issues will be extremely important this year, even more so because it is an election year.”

He said that he is guided every day by one of his electoral promises to be a “president of Polish matters.”

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