Polish rock star: God is the truth young people are searching for

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“I’ve received more from God than from all of the rock world’s hedonism,” declared Polish rock star Muniek Staszczyk, who recently survived a stroke. He emphasized the struggle for youth to find truth in their lives and their aversion to the Church due to pop culture.

Staszczyk pointed out that many young people today see rejecting the Church as being “cool”. Many even feel ashamed to admit that they like Christianity.

“They look into different beliefs, yoga or some lotus flowers but even the Dalai Lama says that one should stick to their family’s faith,” the musician explained in an interview for portal Aleteia. He added that although there might not be as many believers anymore, the quality of faith might go up.

Muniek Staszczyk spoke of young people’s search for truth, despite often not knowing what truth actually is. These young people are lost due to an abundance of choice and the temptations offered by the modern world and media.

The price of this new model is a “life filled with lies and drugs.”

The rock star is convinced that it is worth it to believe in God, as faith has no cost.

“People often think that you need to excel in your relations with God. That’s not true. We meet Him most often when we’re stuck in deep crap. God is there to help tear us away from that crap,” he said.

Staszczyk emphasized that he has received more from God than from all of the rock world’s hedonism. He said that thanks to God, he has found answers and explanations to many things that seemed impossible to him as well as gaining a sense of meaning through his connection with God.

“Relations with God give you such simple and pure happiness. In today’s supposedly free, but actually highly enslaved world, that is a very interesting journey full of twists and shocking turns,” the musician explained.

Staszczyk underlined the importance of going to Church to deepen one’s faith and to not “sour” ourselves in hatred towards “stupid priests” or “pedophiles” since courts exist to punish these people. Instead, the singer proposed that people should focus on what is good in Church, saying there is much to be found there to enrich the soul.

“I don’t know where we would be today as Poles if not for the Church. Maybe under Putin’s rule?” the rock star said.

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