Polish students are among the best in world in latest PISA tests

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Poland has some of the best students in the world, according to the latest results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

The results show Polish 15-year-old students are the fourth-best in Europe, a position that puts them near the top of world rankings.

The Minister of National Education Dariusz Piontkowski stated that Polish students participating in the PISA test received 512 points in the reading category. Only students from Estonia (523), Finland (520) and Ireland (518) had better results.

The average for OECD countries amounted to 493 in that category.

The average result of Polish students in math was 516 points, behind only Estonia (523) and Holland (519 points).

Polish students also came third in Europe in the science category, with 511 points. Only two other countries, Estonia (530) and Finland (522), achieved higher scores.