Spain: ‘Polish narcos’ gang taken down by police

Marijuana and weapons were seized in a joint drug bust by Polish and Spanish police forces

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Source: YouTube/Polish National Police, CBŚP.

A Polish gang involved in drug and weapons trafficking has been busted in Spain thanks to information provided by the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Polish National Police (CBŚP).

The gang shipped drugs, including marijuana, from Spain, while weapons were exported from Poland to the Iberian Peninsula. The gang leader and one of his trusted associates were arrested in the province of Valencia where police seized 200 kg of marijuana and five firearms, including three submachine guns.

In 2021, investigators discovered that several Poles with connections to the criminal underworld had settled in cities across the Spanish Levant. The Polish police were able to determine that they decided to start illegal businesses on the spot, primarily engaging in the production of marijuana that was later sent to Poland.

The drugs were hidden in special compartments prepared by criminals in vehicles used for smuggling and then shipped to Poland. On the way back, weapons were loaded for the local gangs in Spain.

At the end of 2021, the first shipment was traced. In France, a courier was arrested with a Volkswagen carrying 113 kg of marijuana and cocaine.

Over the next year, intensive work was carried out to establish the contacts of the detained man, which resulted in tangible results. Another courier was arrested in the Polish region of Lower Silesia, carrying a trailer with a compartment containing 62 kg of marijuana.

The next stage of the investigation took place in mid-February. At that time, officers from the Greco Levante anti-drug unit of the Spanish police, assisted by CBŚP police officers, conducted searches of several locations in the province of Valencia.

“During the operation, the authorities arrested two people, including a suspect in charge of the gang. They seized 25 kg of marijuana, 1 kg of cocaine, 2.3 kg of methamphetamine, five firearms, including two PPS-42 submachine guns, a silenced Skorpion submachine gun, an HW revolver, a 9 mm pistol, and 200 pieces of various ammunition. They also seized €5,000 in cash,” said a CBŚP spokesperson, Iwona Jurkiewicz.

The police also secured a specialized drone that was used to monitor the warehouse where the gang kept the drugs. On one of the properties, officers found equipment for growing marijuana. According to investigators, the gangsters were preparing a secret plantation of Indian hemp, which was to grow around 1,500 plants.

Four cars used for transporting drugs, a motorcycle, and a jet ski worth a total of over €250,000 were also seized by police.

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