The EU’s message is clear: Freedom and sovereignty or money

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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There have already been threats to “starve Poles.” There were attempts to blackmail and now the time has come for legal action as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decreed that the so-called rule of law mechanism is legal and that EU funding can be suspended for countries which do not fulfill the European Commission’s rule of law expectations.

It turns out that the ECJ has treated the matter politically and legalized regulations which are not present in EU treaties. Thus, it has given EU politicians a tool for blackmail.

Who gets to decide what rule of law is and what it is not? The political forces which dominate the EU have tried to impose their ideologically inclined political agenda on other members for years. We are meant to submit to it no matter what our national interest would be.

Under the Civic Platform’s (PO) rule in Poland, Donald Tusk’s party swiftly introduced the most harmful directives to Poland and the European Union said nothing, orders effectively handed down by Brussels did not cause any “behavioral problems.”

The “issues” began when PO lost power and the conservatives took over in free and democratic elections. Now, it turns out, that in the name of alleged EU rule of law, democracy and freedom have no meaning. The strained EU law is meant to be more important.

The financial blackmail which has been hanging over Poland for several years is now being implemented. The President of the European Commission declared that she accepted the ECJ ruling with satisfaction and she announced that the Commission will be “working with determination.” Funds will be suspended for any insubordination in the ideological and discretionary areas for now.

The Commission has based its knowledge of Poland on fake news which has been supplied to it, such as was the case with the “LGBT-free zones” even though they were a happening perpetrated by an LGBT activist.

Meanwhile, Hungary has been condemned for a bill which banned the propagation of gender change and homosexuality in schools. It also protected the right of children to maintain its gender identity since birth and it forbade the distribution of pornography among minors.

The conflict over the Turów mine and obliging Poland to shut down such an important energy center shows that the EU is also taking control over the economic sovereignty of its member states. What’s more, Germany has been speaking about federalization outright.

This is the context in which Donald Tusk’s recent video about EU funds should be considered. The stacks of Euros presented by Tusk will be given to Poland under one condition: if Law and Justice (PiS) is removed from power by the Civic Platform and PO will fulfill all of Germany and EU politicians’ demands.

The message is clear: freedom and sovereignty or money.

The direction in which the EU is headed is becoming increasingly clear. The decisions are being made by those who weren’t democratically chosen by anyone and despite that, they have the impunity to attack the interests of states whose governments were democratically elected.

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