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Recovery Fund money should be withheld from Poland, claims European Parliament VP

The recent ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal sparked intense outrage among both EU officials and Polish opposition representatives. The Vice President of the European Parliament Katarina Barley, the same person who is infamous for previously threatening Poland and Hungary with “financial starvation”, is one of the most vocal critics of the ruling. “According to […]
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Polish MEP: Today’s EU stands in stark contrast to the union imagined by Robert Schuman

If the EU can attack judiciary organization in a member state, then soon enough it can attack family rights and other freedoms in Poland, warns Solidarity Poland MEP Patryk Jaki

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Poland and Hungary score major victory at EU summit by retaining veto over rule of law compliance

The attempt to make EU funding dependent on rule of law compliance has failed and the settlement over the EU budget and recovery fund is favorable for Poland too, argues editor-in-chief of Sieci weekely Jacek Karnowski

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