The new communism is coming, complete with a diet of worms

A growing number of "entrepreneurs" are trying to persuade consumers that insects are the next super food, a nutritious, low-cost, environmentally friendly source of protein that can help feed a hungry world. But they face a tough job convincing Westerners that crickets, meal worms, and caterpillars can be tasty treats. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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It is now clear what kind of new world is being prepared for us, and it will happen much sooner than we think. Great shifts can often happen suddenly, just look at the Bolshevik revolution, Nazi Germany, Mao’s cultural revolution, or the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. 

Every “brave new world” consists of constraining freedoms, soon followed by a transformation of meanings, values, principles, the hierarchy of prestige, a questioning of traditions and customs, and social engineering. The world must be turned upside down.

The old history is to be trashed and traditional modes of social organization are to be expunged. The individual is to feel powerless and swept along with the inevitable change taking place. 

Take the case of worms. You disliked them and felt revulsion toward them in your old society and culture, so you will be made to eat them.

You believe in a world of men and women based on clear biological differences that are recognized in society, religion, culture, the legal system, and ideologies? We will turn that upside down and give people the right to decide what they are, even kids. 

Have you gotten used to many forms of mobility? Forget that, new norms will be introduced so that no one will want to or be able to afford to use a car. Soon we will decide what you eat and what kind of services you may enjoy. 

The Chinese Social Credits System (SCS) is the dream of the creators of the “brave new world.” Here, everyone is under surveillance and graded, and those who don’t meet the standards are denied access to many civic rights as well as goods and services. Such a system gives power over the individual and forces him to be compliant or else he will be excluded or made into an enemy to be eliminated.

The new communist oppression is to be inescapable, as it will consist of close cooperation of states and big corporations. States will have slaves rather than citizens, and corporations will get cheap compliant labor and consumers. Instead of utopian equality, this will in fact return us to feudalism and a caste system. 

The legal community is already ready for the new communism

The judiciary especially will be a key component of the oppression, and it will keep both individuals and states in check. The European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights are well prepared for such a role. 

But it’s not enough to recognize this or warn against it.

This must be strangled at birth by a great rebellion and civil disobedience before it takes on institutional forms that will later be hard to break down. There must be no illusions that this form of communism will be tolerable. It will only be agreeable to those who are its functionaries.

It is a big danger that will turn the world into one huge gulag, all in the name of human progress, of course. 

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