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The new communism is coming, complete with a diet of worms

It is now clear what kind of new world is being prepared for us, and it will happen much sooner than we think. Great shifts can often happen suddenly, just look at the Bolshevik revolution, Nazi Germany, Mao’s cultural revolution, or the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.  Every “brave new world” consists of constraining freedoms, […]
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Berlusconi’s acquittal in ‘bunga-bunga’ case reveals how Italy’s judicial system was weaponized to keep conservatives out of power

Western interests used Italy’s judicial system to oust Berlusconi, which helped pave the way to assassinate Libya’s Gaddafi, open the floodgates to migrants and keep Italian conservatives out of power for over a decade

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Scandalous verdict of German federal court

The German Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe defends the usage of the term “Polish Death Camps” as freedom of speech. It also determined that German tv station ZDF does not need to acknowledge the verdicts of Polish courts. Tomasz Pietryga explains how this verdict is against EU laws and is an odd extension of freedom of speech.

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