US announces $290 million in military aid for Poland

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

U.S. Congress has approved $288.6 million in military aid for Poland in order to increase Poland’s capacity to deter and defend in the face of Russian aggression. According to the Americans, Poland has offered “extraordinary support” to Ukraine, and the $290 million will help Poland replete the military equipment it has provided Ukraine, such as the over 250 tanks Polish forces have delivered to Ukrainian forces. 

The financial support, which was approved by Congress on Wednesday, was already being broadcast by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sept. 8 during his visit to Kyiv. The decision means that Poland has become one of the largest recipients of assistance from the U.S.’ Foreign Military Financing program.  

According to Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz, this support confirms the U.S. understands that Poland is acting not just for itself, but also for the EU and the U.S. 

“America understands this, whereas Brussels does not,” said Przydacz while being interviewed by Polish Radio 24.  

Przydacz said the financial aid also confirms that Polish-U.S. relations are the best they have ever been. The relationship is focused on the security of NATO’s eastern flank and on Poland being “a stabilizing factor in Central and Eastern Europe.” He noted that Poland is increasing defense spending and is set to spend 4 percent of GDP on defense starting next year. 

Przydacz also said that the EU is taking action against Poland due to the stance taken by the Polish opposition, which is that Polish democracy, including media freedom and judicial independence, were under threat.

According to Przydacz, Poland’s opposition did not send any such signals to Washington. 

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