Violent riot inside migrant center in Poland

Source: Twitter/Lubuska Policja.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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On Thursday night, Polish police officers were able to successfully suppress the revolt of a violent group of migrants who were residing in the center for migrants in the village of Wędrzyn in western Poland, near the German border.

The Lubuskie regional police unit shared a video from the revolt on social media. In the clip, the migrants are violently throwing chairs at surveillance cameras and breaking the fence around the building.

“Police officers were able to prevent the escalation of the revolt in the center for migrants. Owing to the professional actions of the police officers, the situation was stabilized. Significant forces are still present to ensure security,” the police wrote on Twitter.

The most aggressive group of migrants initiated the revolt on Thursday night when they walked out in front of the main building. They demanded to be released and attempted to break through the center’s fence and other security measures. They also broke several windows and destroyed furniture.

When the foreigners refused to comply with orders, additional Border Guard and police units were dispatched to the center. Fire fighters also arrived on scene due to some of the migrants setting small fires. Close to 600 police officers were at the disposal of the authorities on site.

There are more than 600 foreigners present in the Wędrzyn guarded center for migrants. The most numerous groups were citizens of Iraq (359) and Afghanistan (69).

The center is a temporary measure and was built in September 2021 following the escalation of the artificial migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Only men are sent to the center in Wędrzyn based on a court ruling. The center was adapted from military buildings previously used by Polish and NATO soldiers who took part in military exercises in the region.

Despite ensuring the best possible living conditions for the migrants, they are often dissatisfied with their situation and destroy equipment and furniture inside the centers. The Thursday incident was the most serious one since the center began housing migrants.

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