‘We feel very welcome here’ – German commander of Patriot missile unit praises how Poles treat his soldiers

The German mission in Poland is planned for half a year but it might be prolonged

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: wp.pl
Source: Twitter Bundeswehr im Einsatz.

Since mid-January, German soldiers operating anti-missile Patriot systems have been stationed in the east of Poland. Despite current political tensions between Germany and Poland, along with historical grievances, the unit’s colonel is praising how German soldiers have been welcomed in Poland.

“I am truly grateful to Polish soldiers for how they prepared the field here. They built roads, set up tents, containers and sanitary facilities. It is incredible that they managed to do it all in 14 days. If I told my subordinates that they have to work that hard, they would give me a dirty look,” Sievers said with a laugh.

“We feel very welcome here” he added and explained that the soldiers “leave politics at the door to cooperate with the Polish Army.”

The German colonel admitted that his wife encouraged him to travel to Poland, pointing out that the mission “is meaningful” in view of the current situation in Ukraine.

German Patriot missile systems were deployed in Poland to bolster the air defense capabilities of NATO’s eastern flank following an accidental missile strike in November in Przewodów, bordering Ukraine, which caused the death of two Poles.

Colonel Jörg Sievers, commander of the German unit, said that if he sees Russian missiles, he will not hesitate to shoot them down.

Sievers explained that such a missile would endanger not only his unit but also civilians in the nearby town of Zamość.

“We would shoot the missile down in self-defense,” stressed Sievers during an interview for the Wp.pl news portal.

Colonel Sievers added that he would have two minutes to react in a crisis situation, so there would be no time to ask German command for permission.

The German mission in Poland is planned for half a year, but it might be prolonged.

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