What does the Polish job market look like in 2023? New survey reveals the hopes and fears of Polish workers

New challenges but also opportunities are coming to the Polish job market in 2023

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Anna Bytniewska

With a year marked by inflation and global crises now behind them, Polish workers have big plans but also big fears heading into the new year, with a survey revealing what the Polish job market may look like in 2023.

The survey, conducted by the Pracuj.pl portal, shows over 36 percent of workers tried to obtain a raise this year, while 70 percent of respondents said 2023 is a good year to make bold career decisions. Another 67 percent of respondents are preparing for difficult challenges in their professional life in the next 12 months.

Additionally, 53 percent of employees in Poland would like to switch jobs this year, and 50 percent aim to grow professionally and acquire new skills.

The portal noted that more than one in three of the respondents wants to achieve or maintain a balance between their job and personal life.

Forty-six percent of respondents stated they grew professionally in the past year; however, 39 percent have the opposite opinion.

Data cited by the portal shows that 44 percent of Poles were mostly positive about their work experience in 2022, while 39 percent of respondents evaluated their experiences as negative.

According to the PR manager at Pracuj.pl, Aleksandra Skwarska, the beginning of 2023 will be a tough but interesting time in the job market. Both workers and employers realize they need to take into account factors such as employment security, competition, economic conditions, and proposed wages.

“However, the past few years taught us that every new difficulty creates new possibilities and opens new perspectives in the job market,” said Skwarska.

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