‘Wounded Russians fail to understand why we don’t kill them,’ says Polish medic working on Ukraine front line

Polish medic, Damian Duda, tells shocking tales about the grim realities of the Ukraine war

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: TOK FM
(Source: TT@Damian Duda/video picture grab)

Polish medic Damian Duda, who became known after he published a video online depicting a daring rescue mission, has shared his experiences from the war in Ukraine with TOK FM commercial radio.

During the interview, he recounted a number of Russian atrocities he has witnessed firsthand on the Ukrainian front line.

“In Soledar, medics found the corpse of a young Ukrainian soldier missing his heart, it was cut out by Russians. They did not just kill him, they also desecrated his body and took the heart as a trophy,” said Duda.

He also recalled conversations with Ukrainian prisoners who returned from Russian captivity. “Half of them came back castrated,” he told listeners.

“I believe most of Putin’s soldiers have not crossed the lines of bestiality yet. But now, the hate spiral influences them to do the worst things,” Duda said, adding that he will continue to save everyone, no matter the side.

“If I were to usurp the right to decide who lives and who does not, I would lose my humanity. That is why I save them,” explained the medic.

He revealed that when saving Russians, he could see fear in their eyes: “They really do not understand, how is it possible that we do not finish them off, but instead we provide aid. Then, there’s no national pride in them, just confusion and fear.”

According to the Polish medic, life is not worth much in Putin’s army, as some units are expendable and some leaders send them to combat without helmets or vests and with one magazine of ammunition per soldier.

“Russian troops are also sent with headlamps on their heads to draw enemy fire, in order to establish the locations of Ukrainian positions. After this ‘cannon fodder’ is slaughtered, well-equipped units are sent.

“Russians leave the fallen behind, only taking their equipment,” Duda added.

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