Youth gather in Poland for Christian Festival of Life

Source: FB/Festiwal Życia.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Hundreds of people from across Poland and wider Europe have arrived in Kokotek in southern Poland to take part in the Christian Festival of Life.

A steady stream of young people with backpacks, suitcases, and tents poured into Kokotek this week. Notably, a group of several dozen people from a Polish parish in Brussels embarked on a nearly day-long journey to attend the festival.

“I’m here for the fourth time; this is the best week of the year,” said Karolina, a young Polish woman living in the Belgian capital. “The atmosphere is great, there are so many young people, all sleeping in tents. At the Festival of Life, you can simply feel the power of God,” she added.

“I’m most looking forward to the worship concert, all the other concerts, masses, and workshops,” said Monika, also from Brussels, who is attending the festival for the third time. “Every year I meet new people here, I still talk to some of them, and we immediately greet each other when we meet here, on the spot.”

The Festival of Life is an opportunity for young people to discover themselves and grow closer to religion so they can live their lives beautifully and gratefully when they return home to their day-to-day lives after the festival.

“I’m delighted that there are more of us every year. We are happy that during this week, we will create a young, vibrant and energetic Church,” said Father Tomasz Maniura, the organizer of the Festival of Life.

Bishop Grzegorz Suchodolski, the chairman of the Youth Ministry Council of the Polish Episcopal Conference, presided over the opening mass and later mingled with the youth near the stage.

Father Mieczysław Hałaszko read Pope Francis’ message addressed to the young people gathered at the Festival of Life in Kokotek.

“The Holy Father appreciates the rich and diverse program of the Festival of Life, which includes concerts, entertainment, fun, and sports activities, as well as religious and prayerful gatherings. At the same time, he shares the organizers’ hope that it will be a time of active summer recreation for the young people, as well as an opportunity for reflection, better self-knowledge, and the experience of a young and vibrant Church, sharing the spirit of faith, hope, and love with others,” read a letter sent from the Apostolic See.

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