Romania gears up for ‘massive influx of refugees’ from Ukraine

Romania has prepared itself for a wave of mass migration in the event that war breaks out in neighboring Ukraine

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author: Ziare
Romanian Minister of Interior Lucian Bode.

In light of the possibility of conflict in Ukraine, neighboring Romania is prepared to receive a huge influx of refugees, the country’s Interior Minister Lucian Bode said on Monday.

Romania’s borders are secure, and temporary accommodation blocks are being erected in counties on the borderline, he assured.

“Romania is a NATO member state and we enjoy all the security guarantees that derive from this status. We do not passively witness all this deployment of forces and events that take place in the vicinity of Romania,” Bode told reporters.

“Thus, the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are prepared to ensure an integrated response to this crisis, including the implications of a possible uncontrolled migration,” he added.

Bode specified that Romania is a safe country, its state borders are very secure and his governmental department was focused on “several very clear directions that aim primarily at ensuring the security of the state borders in an integrated system.”

The minister of interior also stated that Romania has drawn up an action plan, regarding a possible “massive influx of refugees,” and this plan will be finalized on Tuesday.

“The action plan includes work scenarios. We are thinking about the areas where refugees could enter Romania, about the border points where this uncontrolled influx of refugees could enter Romania,” Bode said.

“Then we think about how the citizens of other states will be assisted. Third, the concept of temporary accommodation. These temporary accommodation camps are already on standby to become operational,” he added.

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