EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s government is orchestrating a massive hate campaign against conservatives, says MEP Hermann Tertsch

EP Plenary session - Cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law- Government crackdown on protests and citizens in Cuba
By Olivier Bault
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At the beginning of September, there was a fake homophobic attack in Madrid. Before the police established that the victim had in fact suffered consensual injuries as part of his sadomasochistic practices, the Spanish interior minister singled out the Vox party as responsible for this “hate crime”. It was not the first time that the government of Pedro Sánchez held the conservative Vox party morally responsible for aggressive acts against LGBT people, whether real or fake. Why?

We have a very militant interior minister, who lacks all scruples and is determined to move towards banning Vox. What they dream of in the government of Pedro Sánchez is making Vox illegal. So, they use any kind of pretext to try to criminalize Vox.

In the case of this alleged attack, it was clear from the first minute that there was something strange in it, and yet the interior minister launched a massive onslaught. It is a bit of a general slur on all those who do not share gender ideology and LGBTI ideology, calling them homophobes.

In Poland and Hungary, they know very well what we are talking about because it is a little bit the way in which at the moment a large part of the EU and the European Parliament are attacking Poland and Hungary.

In the same way, in Spain, we have an offensive from the Left, from the social-democratic consensus, which is frightened by the emergence of forces that resist, that refuse to bend, that refuse to abide by the mainstream discourse, and that are nevertheless growing. 

Is it not then rather the Vox party, and conservatives in general, that are the target of a hate campaign by the ruling Left in Spain?

There is no doubt about it. It has always been so, but now it has become more brutal because it really is a campaign involving all possible means. All sorts of lies are being used, the aggression against us is massive. We suffer physical attacks all the time during election campaigns.

Never since the existence of Vox has there been a single member of Vox accused of aggression against other political parties. And yet, Vox is continuously attacked in election campaigns, in its rallies in the Basque Country, in Catalonia, in different regions of Spain, but also in Madrid.

In the Madrid campaign, there was a brutal attack, and we were lucky nobody was killed. It happened during the election campaign for the regional elections. We are attacked and we have to be protected by the police. But the police often protect us badly because they get orders from the ministry to deliver insufficient protection so that people are intimidated, so that there is fear and so that people do not go to Vox rallies.

And yet, Vox continues to keep on advancing. That makes them very nervous, and there is a massive hate campaign as a result.

Can this hate campaign lead members of Pedro Sánchez’s government to disrespect democracy and the rule of law? I am thinking in particular of the events of April 7 in Vallecas, Madrid, during an electoral rally organized by Vox before the elections in the Madrid region. According to police sources reported by some Spanish newspapers, Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska gave orders to the police not to keep the ultra-left demonstrators too far away…

That is right, and also some of the aggressors were members of Pablo Iglesias’ bodyguard, members of the party, and of the direct entourage of Pablo Iglesias, who was still vice-president of the Spanish government at the time. In other words, the government participated in the physical attack against Vox at that rally. There was direct involvement of the communists from Iglesias’ Podemos party. They were physically involved in the aggressive acts, and then there is the part played by the Socialist Marlaska when he gave express orders to put the police lines at a distance that did not guarantee security.

There was a conspiracy to generate fear ahead of the Madrid election campaign. It was Vox’s first rally in that campaign. We are facing a situation that has no equivalent in Europe at the moment.

It must be taken into account that the Spanish government has numerous links with the left-wing groups of narco-socialism, that is to say, the groups of Cuba and Venezuela. Pablo Iglesias’ Podemos party is a creature of Chávez, of the Chavista regime, and they use the same methods.

Their leaders are people who have been in Venezuela, who have been in Bolivia, who have been in Ecuador, always learning from those communist regimes with connections to drug trafficking. That is the new combination that makes the Latin American Left, to which I dedicate much attention, so dangerous. It is a combination of communist ideology and organized crime.

If that is the case, why is it that the EU institutions focus their attacks on Poland and Hungary all the time and not on Spain, for example?

Because there is clear complicity. For example, Josep Borrell, the EU high representative for foreign affairs, is a clear accomplice of the dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela. He is someone from Sanchez’s socialist party, which is involved, just like the other party of the government coalition, in huge connections with the drug-trafficking communist groups in Latin America.

Just now “Pollo” Carbajal, who was head of Chavez’s intelligence services, Chavez’s Beria — a torturer, drug trafficker, general of the secret services — has been arrested in Madrid. He has been arrested in Madrid now because the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) gave his address to the Spanish police and to the Spanish government who knew exactly where he was because that gentleman had been arrested in Spain two years ago and had been subsequently released. And then, Spain’s high court, the Audiencia Nacional, agreed to his extradition to the United States but this government kept him hidden until the DEA told them where he was, and they had no choice but to arrest him.

There are enormous complicities from the government of Spain with the Latin American dictatorships and with the parties and forces of organized crime in Latin America.

The EU knows that. And here in the European Parliament nobody does anything about it because the Socialists and also the EPP and Renew have a kind of mutual protection agreement. So what is done about it? Absolutely nothing. Instead, they find themselves a couple of conservative governments that have national policies and attack them while in Spain the rule of law is completely defunct.

In Spain, Justice Minister Dolores Delgado has become attorney general. She is the partner of the notorious lawyer of drug trafficking and organized crime in Latin America, Baltazar Garzon, a former judge who was expelled from the judiciary for perversion of justice. This is big stuff.

Spain is also a country where the judges are bullied by the government in a very brutal way, where the media close to the government — television and press — are dedicated to attacking judges in an unprecedented way, where the other day a notorious journalist, a communist who of course enjoys the protection of the government and appears on television, accused Spanish judges of being Nazis. The aim is to intimidate judges so that they won’t stand in the way of the government’s continuous violations of the law.

Judges have nonetheless ruled that the states of emergency issued by the Sánchez government were unconstitutional and illegal. The government of Spain locked up the entire population for months, it violated their fundamental rights in a massive way. And nothing has happened. Not one resignation. The scandal in Spain is unheard of.

We are in the hands of criminals. And yet in the EU nobody says anything. There is not one resolution even to just express concern for Spain. On the contrary, it is the second country in terms of the money that it is going to receive for the Covid issue, and the Sánchez government is going to use all that money for its own benefits, to distribute among its clientele, to favor the companies that support it, that help it.

In 2020, the interior minister dismissed the head of the Civil Guard in Madrid for refusing to pass on information about an ongoing court investigation, which Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos had no legal right to disclose to the government. Spain’s high court Audiencia Nacional said in March this year that by dismissing Pérez de los Cobos Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska had acted unlawfully. Is this not yet another sign that the Sánchez government does not respect democracy and the rule of law?

The Audiencia Nacional said in March that Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos should be reinstated, and he has not been reinstated. It is a permanent challenge to the judges and it will be seen once again with the upcoming Supreme Court’s ruling on Pérez de los Cobos, which will also be unfavorable to the minister. And the minister will again insult the judges — he who comes from the judiciary — and he will denigrate the court rulings, he will ridicule them and nothing will happen.

That is one more of many such scandalous cases. Like the one where, in the middle of the state of emergency, one of the commanders of the Guardia Civil acknowledged that the Internet was being monitored and that people were being tracked in a clearly illegal way, and nothing happened. In Spain, the rule of law is non-existent. However, no one in the European Union is saying anything.

In Spain, the government complicit with the Catalan separatist coup plotters has pardoned the coup plotters against the opinion of the courts because it needs them as partners. A bilateral table has just begun between the forces of the Catalan government and the Spanish government, which is unheard of and unconstitutional.

The government of Spain cannot negotiate at the same level with the government of Catalonia, which is a region of Spain. And yet they are going to negotiate as if they were two different countries. Even worse, one of the negotiating parties says that they are only going to negotiate amnesty and self-determination, which are two things expressly excluded in the Constitution.

These are the things that are happening in Spain. And it turns out here in Brussels that Poland and Hungary are the ones to be attacked because they don’t want to let the LGTB ideology and the socialist ideology be imposed on them.

Vox leader Santiago Abascal was declared persona non grata by the Left in Ceuta thanks to the abstention of the center-right Partido Popular (PP). At the same time, in Madrid, Andalusia, and Murcia the PP can only govern thanks to Vox’s support in the regional assemblies. How can this attitude of the PP in Ceuta be explained?

The Partido Popular is one of those parties that harvest the votes of conservative people and then have left-wing policies once in power. That has been something very common in Europe. The German CDU has been a specialist under Merkel. Merkel has always harvested the conservative votes, the votes of the right, to make left-wing policies. They call this permanent act of betrayal “consensus”.

That is what Abascal has come to break. And therefore they are going to attack Abascal and they are going to attack us because we want the elected people and the elected parties to represent their people and to represent the interests of the voters and not to be ideologues who are going to change the world with other ideologues from elsewhere.

This is what we are doing and this is what bothers those who exist thanks to falsification and imposture. They exist thanks to becoming conservatives in the election campaign and, once elected, they work hand in hand with the Socialists, Communists, and separatists. 

Does that mean that a future PP-Vox national government alliance is inconceivable, even if opinion polls predict that it would be the only possible government if elections were held today?

On the contrary, such an alliance is conceivable and it will be necessary. But the PP will have to change a lot and it will have to change its leadership. Its current leader Pablo Casado, with his personal and insurmountable complexes with Santiago Abascal, leads the PP to positions that are of absolute hostility.

We are facilitating governments of the PP in Madrid, in Andalusia, in Ceuta, and elsewhere. And yet we are suffering hostility because they think that we cannot do anything else, that we will not hand the government over to the Left, which at the moment is still true. For there to be a government of the Partido Popular and Vox, Vox will have to be very strong. Else, the PP will always be tempted, especially with Casado, to seek a pact with the Socialists.

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