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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The federalists and globalists in Brussels do not accept diverging opinions,’ says Vox Vice-President Jorge Buxadé

Why did Vox not participate in the Conference on the Future of Europe, whose conclusions were presented in the European Parliament on May 9? I am a member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and I asked at the beginning of the process to participate but I was unable to do so because of the […]
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Politics will never be the same in Spain after Vox-PP regional coalition paves way for conservative national government

The formation of a conservative coalition government with Vox in one of Spain’s autonomous regions is a first ever, and it has infuriated many people in both Spain and Brussels, where the EPP’s leader, Donald Tusk, referred to it as a “sad surprise.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s right-wing conservative Vox party is now polling ahead of the center-right. A Spanish journalist explains why

Exclusive for Remix News: Alvaro Peñas, a journalist at El Correo de España, explains why Vox’s spectacular progression in Castile y León marks a major turning point in Spanish politics

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EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s government is orchestrating a massive hate campaign against conservatives, says MEP Hermann Tertsch

Remix News conducted an exclusive interview with Spanish conservative MEP Hermann Tertsch. Hermann Tertsch is a journalist, member of the editorial board of La Gaceta de la Iberosfera, and a Vox MEP since 2019. In the 1980s, he worked as the Spanish press agency’s correspondent in Vienne, covering Central and Eastern Europe, and was later El País’ correspondent in Bonn and Warsaw. Starting from the 1990s and until the year 2019, Hermann Tertsch worked with a number of major Spanish media outlets. In the European Parliament, he is a member of the ECR Group and vice-chair of the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (DLAT).

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