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Czechia, Hungary and Romania at risk of currency crisis, warns Japanese financial group

The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania are at risk of a currency…


Crisis looming as 60% of German households dipping into their savings to stay afloat

German households are increasingly tapped out financially, with more and more of…

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Europe will be the biggest loser of the global economic crisis, think tank head warns

If it continues on its path of energy sanctions, Europe could come…

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Poland’s central bank raises interest rate to 6.75% to combat inflation

Poland’s Monetary Policy Council on Wednesday approved a rise of 0.25 percent…

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5 million German jobs will be lost if Russia cuts gas supply, warns major business association

The Bavarian Business Association (VBW) warned that as many as 5.6 million…

German finance minister warns of a ‘severe economic crisis coming’

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has joined the rising chorus of…

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Data shows the Polish consumer is under pressure

Retail sales increased by 8.2 percent in May compared to last year,…

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Poland: Rising wages not keeping pace with inflation 

Although wages rose by 13.5 percent in May compared to May of…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

In May, confidence in Czech economy was highest in a year and a half

Gender debate makes reading more difficult and its goals are dubious

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Fewer Czechs live in ‘overcrowded housing’ than the EU average

Many, including the Slovak prime minister, are questioning Lučanský’s death

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Almost every second Czech believes the crisis is here: survey

Scotland faces a number of challenges that could block both independence from…

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Czech citizens are increasingly worried about their economic future: study

The refugee center is desperatly overcrowded

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Battle for EU funds intensifies

This might be the Right's last victory for a while

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Western Europe to account for only five percent of world car production by 2030

Police clashed with rioters once again on Friday night

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