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Poles join anti-communist ‘Peace March’ in Hungary’s Budapest in large numbers

Hungary’s annual march in the heart of Budapest attracts thousands of international participants, but Poles are typically one of the largest blocs. A large number of them joined the 65th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, which saw, according to Hungarian police, up to 500,000 people attend. Poles have made the journey to Budapest before, […]
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Hungarian Uprising 1956 Imre Nagy Poland Władysław Gomułka Commentary
4 YEARS AGOHungarian Uprising 1956 Imre Nagy Poland Władysław Gomułka Commentary

Hungarian Revolution of 1956 from the Polish perspective

“The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was for the Hungarians, what for Poles was the Warsaw Uprising of 1944,” says professor and political scientist Maciej Szymanowski. He highlighted Polish support for the cause and the lack of Western intervention on behalf of Hungary.

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