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NGOs and activists claim White people are ‘racist’ for complaining about too much noise, label it ‘volume racism’

Anti-racism organizations and ethnic-group activists in France are trying to link those…

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MEPs liken killed Roma in Czechia to George Floyd

Many MEPs likened the Roma who died in the Czech town of…

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Russia’s Lavrov calls for emancipation of Hungarian foreign policy from EU bloc-style thinking

In an interview for the Hungarian conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, the Russian…

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National minorities enjoy more advantages than most, 51 percent of Czechs believe

Football fields have been pushed aside under the new concept

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Hungarian Supreme Court rules that Roma families must receive monetary compensation

The decision to abandon elections conducted solely through postal voting is a…

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PM Orbán: One hundred years of solitude is over

The documentary “Independence” by Krzysztof Talczewski has conquered the hearts of Poles.…

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Ukraine bashes Hungary for so-called “interference”

István Szabó will for the first time team up with one of…

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