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Croatian government mandates all gas sales to state power company and orders 10% increase in gas production

The Croatian government on Wednesday mandated oil company INA to sell all the gas produced in Croatia to the exclusively state-owned Croatian Electric Works (HEP); it must also increase its production by 10 percent, Croatian public television reported. Croatia’s Economy and Energy Minister Davor Filipović said after the government meeting on Tuesday that, following discussions […]
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By opposing key merger of state oil firms Donald Tusk is backing Russia Donald Tusk Lotos MOL Oil Orlen Russia Commentary Poland
1 YEAR AGODonald Tusk Lotos MOL Oil Orlen Russia Commentary Poland

By opposing key merger of Polish state oil firms, Donald Tusk is aiding Russia

In order to counter Russia by creating one of the biggest energy conglomerates in Europe, Poland is moving to merge its two key fuel companies, Orlen and Lotos, but Donald Tusk is campaigning to stop this vital merger, writes Michał Rachoń for portal

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