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Report: Washington refuses joint US–Israel declaration against Poland, views Israeli foreign minister as ‘a problem’

Renowned Israeli journalist Eldad Beck, who specializes in international politics, stated that Washington has strongly criticized Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid’s recent harsh criticism of Poland over the the “restitution law”. According to US diplomatic sources, the Americans were not pleased with how severe Lapid’s claims were and especially how he “humiliated” the Polish ambassador. […]
Poland Israel crisis crisis Israel Paweł Jabłoński restitution law Yair Lapid News Poland
2 YEARS AGOcrisis Israel Paweł Jabłoński restitution law Yair Lapid News Poland

Anti-Polish propaganda is being fed into the minds of Israeli youth, says Polish deputy FM

“This propaganda, also based on hatred towards Poland, is fed into the minds of young people from their earliest years of schooling. We will be paying close attention to this situation as we deal with all sorts of school trips from Israel to Poland,” said Poland’s deputy prime minister

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