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Facebook censors Catholic charity’s anti-violence campaign for women

A UK-based Catholic charity has accused Facebook of censoring its campaign to…

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Report: European women are giving birth to their first child increasingly later in life

The Virgin Mary stickers featured a rainbow-colored halo, but the judge ruled…

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Jail time for misogyny? UK mulls making offenses based on contempt for women a hate crime

PM Viktor Orbán's decision to put in place a moratorium on loan…

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The winner of Miss Germany is political correctness

French evacuation mission could help the two students

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Czech woman beats Greta Thunberg at Women of Europe Awards

Hungary's goal: Keep growth 2% above the EU average

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Green German mayor supports headscarf ban

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) will not take part…

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100 years of women’s voting rights in Poland

Czech and US soldiers operating in Afghanistan are being investigated over suspicion…

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