America sees Poland as a stable and loyal partner in Europe, says former Polish foreign minister

Former Polish FM Witold Waszczykowski believes that the good interpersonal relations between Trump and Duda are encouraging for the American administration and investors

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: wpolityce

Former Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski explained in an interview for wPolityce that President Donald Trump’s support for Polish President Andrzej Duda means that there are friendly international and interpersonal relations between the two leaders.

He referred to opposition criticisms of Trump openly endorsing Duda and Duda’s decision to visit the White House prior to the elections.

Waszczykowski pointed out that when European People’s Party President Donald Tusk was the Polish prime minister, he was often invited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Merkel herself had visited Poland during election campaigns to support Tusk. He added that both France and Germany have been giving one another similar support for years.

“These are double standards. If they did not raise issues with such activity in the past, they should not do it when Donald Trump supported Andrzej Duda,” he said.


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