Andrzej Duda: Poland must always have a president or face a constitutional crisis

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The office of the Polish presidency must never remain vacant, Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized in an interview for TVP Info where he said that elections must be held to determine who Poland’s president will be once his term is up.

“If the elections were not to be held and after the expiration of the current term, there would not be a new president, this would be a constitutional crisis and there would be no way to pass new bills and laws,” Duda said.

The president believed that the elections are required based on rules and laws formulated to ensure the continuity of state power, and it is a “fundamental issue” to choose a president before the five-year term of the incumbent expires.

He outlined three possibilities to help ensure always has a president in office.

The first possibility is to hold elections on May 10, as is currently foreseen by the law and the scenario most likely to occur.