Civic Platform (PO) is turning away from its former leader Donald Tusk

The leadership of Poland’s largest opposition party is at odds with the former Polish PM due to his critical comments of their political activity and recent election results

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Patryk Osowski

When Andrzej Duda’s lead over Rafał Trzaskowski in the presidential elections was maintained, Trzaskowski tried to cut himself away from Donald Tusk and the previous PO government.

“Tusk is no longer present in Polish politics and the opposition can no longer be a ‘total’ one,” he had said during the campaign.

Because PO suffered another election loss, Tusk began his media offensive by berating and giving lessons to his colleagues. He criticized Trzaskowski’s idea of creating a new political movement called “New Solidarity” and declared it a “delusion” and “not an easy job.” He also called for PO to have more vigor in its actions.

“Prowess must be a characteristic of the opposition. PO must go for PiS’s throat every day,” Tusk said, slamming his former party for initially helping to pass the controversial pay raises for MPs.

It was then that PO politicians began to change their approach to Tusk.


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