The Czech Republic should stand for Hungary

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With the only difference – instead of people’s democracy, liberal democracy is being invoked.

The chairman of the Liberal and Democrat´s Club in the European Parliament and former Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt even appeal to the EU and the US for intervening against Hungary because it is threatening the international order by its move away from liberal democracy and European values. According to him, citizens of Hungary deserve a much better way than Viktor Orban leads them.

Is it really just a haughty arrogance because the Liberals in the European Parliament are convinced that they know better than the Hungarians and what is good for them, who repeatedly and unambiguously choose Viktor Orban?

It is in the Czech interest to stand up for Hungary along with Poland and to convince Austria and Italy to do the same. If Hungary loses now, Poland will be the next one, and then the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, or all the countries where politicians critical of Brussels win. We cannot rely on MEPs, they will not go against their own interests in the EU. It is, therefore, necessary for the whole Czech government to say loudly that in the fraternal assistance of Hungary the comrades from Brussels cannot count us in.

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