Czechia donates 1 million face masks to North Macedonia to fight coronavirus

The donation is a display of solidarity within the EU

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

The Czech Republic has donated one million face masks to North Macedonia to help it fight the spread of the coronavirus, the Czech embassy in Skopje announced.

Last Friday, the Czech military plane transported the medical face masks to an airport in North Macedonia, where Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia for European Affairs Bujar Osmani officially received the cargo.

According to the Czech embassy, ​​he also expressed gratitude to the Czech Republic on behalf of the government.

On Twitter, Osmani said that the delivery is an important donation that will help North Macedonia to better cope with coronavirus, as well as a display of solidarity within the EU.

The Czech Republic has already provided material assistance to the Balkan country in the past, including during the migrant crisis. A recent Czech donation to North Macedonia was worth 5 million korunas (€186,000) and given to the country to help protect against weapons of mass destruction.

Recently, the Czech Republic has also provided material aid to Spain and Italy, sending them 10,000 protective suits each.

According to an earlier statement by Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamáček, the Czech Republic also loaned 500,000 face masks, 25,000 respirators, and 5,000 protective suits to Slovenia. On the other hand, the Czech government did not approve sending material assistance to San Marino.

Last Thursday, the government further decided to donate 25 million korunas (€928,000) to help countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The first ones to receive the Czech financial aid will be Bosnia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Cambodia.


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