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EU foreign policy chief calls for expedited accession talks for North Macedonia and Albania

The European Union will propose a plan to strengthen the security and…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Three Balkan states to establish free-trade area

The relevant ministries of Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia are working on…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Hungary is the least accepting of migrants after North Macedonia

Famed French philosopher and essayist Éric Zemmour says that France needs a…

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North Macedonian right-wing politician’s bakery attacked with small bomb

Twitter is abuzz due to a peculiar picture of presidents Trump and…

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Czechia donates 1 million face masks to North Macedonia to fight coronavirus

Step by step, Czech businesses can restore their normal activities

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Hungary scores diplomatic victory as EU greenlights accession talks with Albania, North Macedonia

Polish engineers have designed an affordable 3D printed ventilator that could save…

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Poland backs EU enlargement of Western Balkans

The European Court of Human Rights is being heavily influenced by organizations…

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Hungary sends border control units to North Macedonia, Serbia

Several politicians and artists attended the gala evening.

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Babiš: The EU must keep its promises

Francis II Rákóczi, leader of the anti-Habsburg uprising

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Czechia at the head of V4 is settling disputes: Petříček

Unfounded advertising claims by the British telecoms firm

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EU puts Balkans enlargement on hold

More than a million Poles live in the UK

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Europe could regret postponing talks with North Macedonia and Albania

The Hungarian central bank wants to reduce bank branches.

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Poland qualifies for UEFA Euro 2020

Magyar Nemzet guest columnist Samu Csinta unravels the Romanian crisis.

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V4 ministers urge accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania

Olga Tokarczuk receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature is proof that left-wing…

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