Poland backs EU enlargement of Western Balkans

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Poland hopes that the impasse which led to negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania about joining the European Union can be lifted in March, said Konrad Szymański, Poland’s minister for European Affairs.

The Croatian presidency of the European Union is attempting to press for a decision on the matter.

The key country will be France, the member state which blocked the opening of these negotiations late last year.

The European Commission, however, has responded to French concerns by producing a new methodology to assess the readiness of states for joining the EU.

“If this does not help the process, then nothing will, so I hope that press reports about a change in position are an indication of Paris changing its mind,” said minister Szymański.

French President Emmanuel Macron blocked the opening of negotiations with the two Western Balkan countries in October of last year.

This led to deep disillusionment in the two Balkan countries and led to criticism of France’s position by other EU leaders.

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