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4 in 10 Channel migrants entering UK are from war-free Albania, leaked military report reveals

As thousands of economic migrants continue to flood into Britain on small…

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Albanian smuggling adverts on TikTok discovered as UK reports record number of illegal crossings this year

The UK Ministry of Defence reported the highest number of daily illegal…

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Three Balkan states to establish free-trade area

The relevant ministries of Serbia, Albania, and North Macedonia are working on…

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Albanian Football Scandal in Tirana

The massive scandal which took place in Tirana during Tuesday’s 2022 FIFA…

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Hungary scores diplomatic victory as EU greenlights accession talks with Albania, North Macedonia

Polish engineers have designed an affordable 3D printed ventilator that could save…

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Poland backs EU enlargement of Western Balkans

The European Court of Human Rights is being heavily influenced by organizations…

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Czechia at the head of V4 is settling disputes: Petříček

Unfounded advertising claims by the British telecoms firm

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V4 prime ministers continue push for Balkan states to join the EU

The Visegrad Group fights against a damaging EU budget.

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Hungary supports Albania’s EU membership drive

The House of Music wins International Property Awards prize.

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EU puts Balkans enlargement on hold

More than a million Poles live in the UK

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Europe could regret postponing talks with North Macedonia and Albania

The Hungarian central bank wants to reduce bank branches.

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V4 ministers urge accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania

Olga Tokarczuk receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature is proof that left-wing…

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