Demographic data confirms the ‘Great Replacement’ is real, says French philosopher Michel Onfray

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The “Great Replacement” is actually happening, regardless of what the mainstream leftist press wants people to believe, influential French philosopher Michel Onfray said in talk show streamed on Youtube of the news site Front Populaire.

“If someone on the left says ‘the Great Replacement, that is us’, the response is ‘very good’, but if someone on the right like Renuad Camus says there is a ‘Great Replacement’, they immediately cry ‘fascism’,” Onfray said.

The Great Replacement is a term coined by French author Renaud Camus in his 2010 book “The Great Replacement”, in which he proposes the theory that indigenous French people are being demographically replaced by non-European peoples at a time when France was the subject of repeated terrorist attacks by Islamists. That book is part of a larger wave of Euroepan “cultural pessimism” whose other proponents include Thilo Sarrazin in Germany, who wrote “Germany Abolishes Itself”, along with Éric Zemmour (“The French Suicide”) and Michel Houllebecq (“Submission”).

“This is a recurring theme in the media: on the left they say that immigration is an opportunity, it is healthy, it brings vitality and fresh blood, while on the right people say that all immigration is bad, and we should keep to ourselves,” Onfray said, arguing that whatever one’s opinion on the matter, the demographic data actually confirms the Great Replacement theory is no “conspiracy theory”.

“Is there in fact a Great Replacement? Demographers say yes, there is. It is very simple. There are men and women, they procreate, you have a certain birth rate, you do the calculations, make projections, and it will show a graph,” he said, pointing out that those who dismiss the idea say this will only happen in a distant future but cannot deny that demographics are changing, with ethnic Europeans moving towards a minority position in countries across the West.

On far left websites where most of the general public obtain their information, such as Wikipedia, the Great Replacement is listed as a far-right conspiracy theory. However, Onfray also said that a ban in many Western countries on reporting ethnicity of the population, such as in France, is designed to hide this truth.

“One doesn’t have the right to produce ethnic statistics or religious ones… These bans are made to prevent demographers from predicting what is to come,” Onfray said.

Although France keeps no statistics based on ethnicity, demographers have sought other data points to confirm the rapid demographic replacement of ethnic French people, including examining the names of children being born. 

In the United States, which tracks ethnicity, mass immigration combined with falling birth rates and increasing deaths of the White population have led to a rapid shift in the demographic picture in the country. Whites, who made up nearly 90 percent of the population in 1960, now make up under 60 percent of the population. There are now predictions that Whites will become a minority as early as this decade if immigration trends do not reverse, according to the Brookings Institute. 

In other countries, such as Norway, Whites are expected to remain a majority for a longer of period of time, but are still expected to become a minority this century

The 62-year-old Onfray is the author of more than 100 books and gave up his position as a high school philosophy teacher in 2002 and established the tuition-free People’s University in Caen, where he and several others teach philosophy and other subjects. The university does not accept state contributions and is only sustained from the proceeds of Onfray’s books.

Title image: French philosopher Michel Onfray.


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