Duda and Tusk friendly chat caught on camera

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The two presidents took part in yesterday’s meeting gathered for the “Action for Peacekeeping” declaration in the United Nations, led by UN General Secretary Antonio Gutters. Cameras caught Tusk and Duda chatting as each waited for their turn to speak.

The chief of cabinet of the Polish president, Krzysztof Szczerski, when asked whether he knew what the conversation was about, confirmed that it took place and replied that it was a private conversation:

“If I told you what it was about it would become a public conversation, and if it were public, then its course would be different as well.”

TVP journalist Bartłomiej Graczak posted a short clip on Twitter in which one can see but not hear Duda and Tusk chatting:

“President Andrzej Duda and President Donald Tusk having a nice chat during a General Assembly session in the UN. Is there a specialist at lip reading among us? :))”


Some Polish internauts are less suspicious of Duda, however. One of them notices the different speech patterns of the presidents and commends Andrzej Duda on trying to converse despite the differences between him and Tusk:

“It’s obvious that President Duda is relaxed: he doesn’t cover his mouth with his hand and is not afraid of the contents of his talk being uncovered. Despite differences, he is trying to talk. He’s open. Meanwhile Tusk? He’s hiding his mouth behind his hand, so that what he’s saying remains unknown. He’s looking around, saying little, careful – coward.”


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