Excellent mobile internet in Central Europe

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway develop the highest quality mobile video streaming, according to an OpenSignal report.

editor: REMIX NEWS

On a day-to-day basis OpenSignal carries out measurements of mobile internet speeds in particular countries throughout the world. They recently published a report and ranking which concerned the quality of video streaming on mobile devices.

For the needs of the ranking, OpenSignal created a 0 to 100-point scale, which evaluated mobile video streaming according to parameters such as video quality, transmission stability or video loading speed.

No country was able to obtain 100 points.

The highest was the Czech Republic with 68.52 points. Second was Hungary with 67.89 and Norway was third with 67.41.


The top 10 were mostly European countries. Poland found itself right in the middle, taking the 38th place with 56.27 points. Surprisingly, the USA found itself quite low, 11th from the bottom. The last places were filled with India, Iran and the Philippines.

OpenSignal analysists emphasize that although mobile internet speed has an effect on streaming quality, it is not the only factor. Connection stability and the number of users actively using a carrier’s services also are.

As proof, the company also released a ranking of countries in terms of average mobile internet speed. Here, South Korea is at the top and also held the 16th position in the video streaming ranking. The Czech Republic is 11th when it comes to mobile internet speed and Poland is 37th, an almost identical result to the previous ranking.


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