Facebook deletes Hungary’s far-right Our Homeland page for ‘violating community standards’

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Hungary’s far-right party Our Homeland (Mi Hazánk) earlier this week had its Facebook page with nearly 80,000 followers terminated for allegedly violating the site’s so-called ‘community standards’.

According to representatives from the party, on Oct. 23, the social media company first took down a livestream of the party’s event commemorating the 1956 Hungarian revolution, before it later removed the party’s page entirely, the Hungarian weekly political news magazine Hetek reported.

Aside from claiming that the page had violated is community standards, the Silicon Valley tech giant gave the party no further explanation as to why its page had been terminated.

Last year, on the heels of the 2019 European Parliamentary elections, the Facebook page of Our Homeland President László Toroczkai — which had more than 200,000 followers — was also deleted.

Now, Our Homeland is demanding that the government take action against the social media company, saying that “political censorship of foreign-owned Facebook is not only anti-democratic and unacceptable, but also illegal”.

Dóra Dúró, the spokesperson and MP for the party, called on the Hungarian Justice Ministry’s digital work group to step up and put into place regulations that would protect Hungarian citizens against the overreach of big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Hungarian legislation must combat “Facebook’s left-liberal dictatorship of opinion,” Dúró said, adding that the government cannot waste any more time in confronting the dominance of the global tech monopolies.

The right-wing MP also argued that Big Tech “censorship systematically disregards the rule law and bans right-wing Christian content worldwide.” Dúró then added Facebook has made it impossible for party’s like Our Homeland to put forward their policy ideas which address issues like bans on LGBTQ propaganda, gender ideology, and anti-white racism.

Earlier this month, Dóra Dúró sparked controversy after she publicly tore up and shredded a copy of “Meseország mindenkié” (“Wonderland Belongs to Everyone”) – an alternative story book which reinterprets the protagonists of traditional Hungarian folktales and fairytales as “oppressed minorities,” Remix News reported.

“The Our Homeland Movement does not accept that children are being subjected to homosexual propaganda (…). Homosexual princes are not part of Hungarian culture,” Dúró said at a press conference where she also tore out pages from the book and placed them in paper shredder.

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