Fangor sold for 7 million PLN

A new Polish record for a Polish work of art has just been set when five op-art works by Wojciech Fangor were sold for 7 million PLN during Tuesday’s auction at “Polswiss Art”.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The works auctioned were valued at seven million PLN and were the five earliest op-art pieces by Wojciech Fangor that he created between 1961-62. 

According to the catalogue for the pre-auction display the five paintings from a private collection are linked by a direct reference to Wojciech Fangor’s most important exhibition, “The study of space”.


This was the first spatial installation in the world which paved the way for a new direction in art and influenced the world of op-art.

Upward trend

The upward trend in prices is important for the Polish art market. It shows there are clients in Poland capable of buying several pieces of established artists sold together. However, the highest price ever paid for a single work by Fangor was the “M 39” painting which fetched PLN 4.72 million at the Polish “DESA Unicum” auction on November 29th of this year. 

The most expensive transaction ever completed in Poland was PLN 7.36 million for a collection of photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton H.Greene at “DESA Unicum” in 2014. 


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