Google to invest €2 billion in Poland to become Central Europe’s ‘digital heart’

Poland on the road to becoming Central Eastern Europe’s “cloud and digital heart” after big investments from Google and Microsoft

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author: Blog: Polska Gospodarka

Google plans to construct $2 billion in digital infrastructure for operating cloud computing services, according to Polish news portal Puls Biznesu.

Google data centers and Google Cloud Regions are currently operating in eight countries, but Poland would be the first in the Central and Eastern European region.

There is already a nodal point from the Google optical network in Warsaw, which connects the hubs in Tallinn and Frankfurt, but now Google wants to significantly expand its presence in the country. The company plans to introduce data centers with multi-level information security and 24/7 service.

The business development director of Google Cloud in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe, Magdalena Dziewguć, stated that the Google Cloud Region in Warsaw will feature the same kind of infrastructure that is used in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Zurich.

The Cloud Region in Poland is expected to be activated in 2021, and would serve as an element of the Google European information infrastructure in which the company has invested €15 billion since 2007.

Adam Malczak, the spokesman for Google Poland, said that Google is continuously developing its presence and investments in Poland as the country is its key center in the Central Eastern European region.

In addition to the Google Cloud infrastructure, the company will also establish an office in Warsaw, as well as a campus for startups and programs meant to develop Poles’ ability to use the technology.

The American company’s main partner in the endeavor will be the Polish National Cloud Operator (OChK).

Microsoft is also investing big in Poland

Google’s newest investment is not the only major IT investment being carried out in Poland.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that it will create a regional data center in Poland, which would be the first of its kind in the region, with the value of the project totaling $1 billion.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with the OChK.

The CEO of OChK, Michał Potoczek, emphasized that Poland has managed to convince the largest technology company in the world to invest in the country.

Potoczek stated that the new regional data center will connect it to Microsoft’s global infrastructure, which comprises 59 cloud regions and provides access to Microsoft Azure in over 140 countries.


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